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Forever inspired by simple sweet things, our mission is to bridge the old world with the new. To present timeless favourites in new and stunning ways, and explore new flavours using proven traditional techniques. Every project is as unique as the person requesting it.


Please contact us about your ideas here:


Need something very specific? Every custom project starts with a heart-storming session to make your sweet dreams a reality. If you can imagine it, we can bake it happen! Anything from specialty cakes or designer cookies decorated in the exact style or fashion you need, to entire dessert tables inspired by your favourite flavours, textures, colours, unique likes and loves. 


No need for a special order? No problem! Every day is a party at our storefront, 2394 Bloor Street West with plenty ready to go.

Come and say hello to make both your day and ours just a bit cozier and sweeter!



Janchenko’s award-winning jam-filled ponchiki, danishes, cookies and other pastries are available for wholesale pickup or delivery in the GTA.


Please call email or call (416)-769-8065

Looking For Wholesale
or Custom Cakes & Desserts?
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