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Janchenko’s is a traditional Eastern European bakery inspired by my family's old-world food philosophy and recipes. Classic flavours and old-fashioned comfort food created just as we would make it at home for our family and friends - with real, top-quality wholesome ingredients served with as much love and care as possible.

Our large selection of artisanal pastries, cakes, cookies and breads are baked fresh every morning. We also carry a small selection of Ukrainian products and a variety of frozen pierogies.

Forever inspired by simple sweet things, our mission is to bridge the old world with the new, to present timeless favourites in new and stunning ways, and explore new flavours using proven traditional techniques. We are absolutely devoted to making all our tortes, pies, cookies, cakes and many other sweet creations taste as good as they look!

Janchenko’s is the evolution and reinvention of a European bakery that’s been here in this location for over 60 years, and we honour and build on that tradition.​The bakery’s team is a mix of slavic people including Ukrainian, Belarusian and Polish. Together we offer you some of our favourite foods from all of the Eastern European cultures both hot or cold. 

Come try our traditional homemade soups and borscht; European salads such as beet vinaigrette or oliviye potato salad; schnitzel, roasted meats and pierogies, potato pancakes, sweet or savoury crepes; as well as classic European tortes and espresso drinks to go with our popular ponchiki and danishes.  We also carry a small selection of Eastern European products and a variety of frozen pierogies.

Come and visit us in in the Bloor West Village at 2394 Bloor Street West where our little neighbourhood bakery offers a cozy familiar place to stock up on homemade comfort food, grab the best quality Italian coffee just the way you like it, or try a new or old favourite sweet! We aim to not only fill your stomach, but your heart too!


-xox, Maria Janchenko


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